At AMS and ASCI, you will drive the future of asset and supply-chain management.

Great People

ASCI is comprised of many strong, high-integrity teams who perform planning, procurement and materials management for Advanced Supply Chain International and maintenance support and inventory optimization for Asset Management Services. We’re specialized for asset-intensive industries such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, power/utility, and mining.

Great Technology

ASCI’s business is built on leading-edge supply chain and asset management software technologies that enable us to outperform other companies in our industry and provide strong profitability and productivity returns for our customers. We develop many software tools internally and work closely with other providers of industry-leading software for asset-intensive companies.

Great Benefits

ASCI prides itself on being an employee-centered culture with an abundance of training and development programs and many opportunities for advancement.

ASCI Values

Instill a zero incident and zero accident culture based on the principle that our work is never so urgent or important that we cannot take time to be safe, environmentally responsible, and to watch over one another.

Maintain the highest ethical standards throughout the company; know that we are built on trust, loyalty and professionalism.

Build strong teams by respecting and caring about fellow employees and stakeholders.  See the best in others.

Recruit, retain and develop amazingly capable and motivated people, never forgetting that they are our most valuable resource.  Invest in our employees and constantly coach them to grow.

Be highly responsive, proactive and service-oriented to peers, vendors and customers.

Innovate and deliver new solutions using technology tools, performance management skills and other best practices.  Add value!

Advance the success of ASCI, always realizing that a successful employer is a stable employer.  Put our best foot forward.

ASCI's Leadership Core Competencies

"If the job could talk, it would clearly define the knowledge, hard skills, people skills, behavior and culture needed for superior performance." - TTI Success Insights  

ASCI's top seven job competencies for our leadership help define our culture and who we are as a company.  These competencies are listed below.  These are directly in line with our company mission and values and provide an amazing place for you to come to work every day.

-Customer Service

-Employee Development / Coaching

-Interpersonal Skills

-Self-Management (time and priorities)